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Stop! Are You Looking for the Cheapest Sealcoating Price? (Then Keep Scrolling) 

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If these examples above look acceptable to you, there's no need to waste your time here. There are plenty of "quick and cheap" seal coating companies out there. Just do a quick search on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Of course, they aren't going to be insured or have the legal workforce; they will need a deposit, of course, because no supplier is going to give them credit.  After they cash the check... maybe they will show up to do the work several weeks later.


But if you want your parking lot to look great (like the one below) AND last for years, keep reading. We might be a fit.


Fix Asphalt: Beyond Basic Sealcoating - Your Pavement Preservation Partner in NJ

Are you tired of seal coating that only lasts a season? At Fix Asphalt, we're not just about spraying black goo. We're New Jersey's recognized experts in pavement preservation, offering a comprehensive approach that extends your parking lot's lifespan and saves you money in the long run.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Pre-Sealcoating Consultation: Our experts assess your parking lot's condition to ensure seal coating is the right solution. 
    YES—we are probably the only company in New Jersey that will honestly tell you if seal coating is a waste of money. We identify underlying problems and recommend the best course of action, including crack filling or repairs, to maximize the effectiveness of seal coating.
  • Custom-Designed Pavement Preservation Programs: We don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor a sealcoating program to your specific needs, considering factors like budget, traffic volume, and desired lifespan extension.  We thoroughly inspect your asphalt parking lot to design a 3,5,10,15, or 10-year plan.
  • Commitment Beyond Completion: Our work doesn't end after the sealcoating is applied. We can conduct bi-annual inspections for the next three years, identifying and notifying you of any new cracks or potential problems before they become major repairs. This proactive approach saves you money by catching issues early and preventing costly repairs down the road.  We have a maintenance 

Benefits of Fix Asphalt's Pavement Preservation Approach:

  • Maximize Pavement Life: Extends the life of your asphalt by addressing underlying issues and applying the right sealcoating solution.
  • Save Money: Avoid costly repairs through proactive maintenance and early detection of problems.
  • Peace of Mind: Our commitment to ongoing inspections ensures your parking lot remains safe and functional.
  • Improved Curb Appeal: A well-maintained parking lot enhances your property's appearance and value.

Don't settle for a quick fix. Choose Fix Asphalt for a comprehensive pavement preservation solution that delivers lasting results.

Seal Coating Estimates In New Jersey

Fix Asphalt: Beyond the Basic "BID" - Understanding Your Parking Lot's Needs

At Fix Asphalt, we believe in informed decisions. That's why our seal coating quotes are more than just a number. We take the time to thoroughly assess your parking lot's condition before recommending any services. Here's how our in-depth survey process works:

1. Comprehensive Inspection: Our experienced technician will conduct a detailed inspection of your parking lot, looking for factors like:

  • Overall Pavement Condition: We assess the general health of your asphalt, identifying any cracks, potholes, or signs of deterioration.
  • Surface Issues: We analyze the integrity of the asphalt surface and note any areas prone to water infiltration or cracking.
  • Drainage Systems: We evaluate your existing drainage system to ensure it's effectively directing water away from the pavement.

2. Data Collection:

  • Measurements: We will calculate your parking lot square footage using our AI measuring tool and measure the size and severity of existing cracks to determine the most appropriate crack-filling techniques.  In addition, we will assess any sections requiring asphalt repair, calculate the square footage, and develop a scope for the best repair methods (ie: removal and replacement vs. infrared asphalt restoration) 
    IMG_1448 IMG_1447
  • Photos: We take detailed photos of specific areas that may require attention to provide a visual reference for the quote with our highly detailed site evaluation.

3. Customized Solutions:

Based on the survey results, we tailor a sealcoating program specifically for your parking lot. This may include:

  • Recommended Sealcoating Type: Depending on the condition of your asphalt, we recommend the most effective sealcoating product for optimal protection.
  • Crack Filling Needs: We determine the type and amount of crack filling needed to prevent further damage from water infiltration.
  • Pre-Sealcoating Repairs: If necessary, we may recommend minor repairs to address potential problems before seal coating is applied.

Benefits of Fix Asphalt's Survey Process:

    • Accurate Quotes: Our detailed survey ensures a quote that reflects the specific needs of your parking lot.
    • No Surprises: By identifying potential issues upfront, you avoid unexpected costs down the line.
    • Targeted Solutions: We recommend the most effective methods to address your parking lot's unique challenges.

      Don't Let Small Cracks Become Big Problems: Crack Sealing for NJ Parking Lots


      Here at Fix Asphalt, we understand the importance of proactive maintenance for your New Jersey parking lot. Cracks in your asphalt, no matter how small, can quickly turn into major headaches if left unaddressed.

      Why Crack Sealing Matters in NJ:

      • Freeze-thaw cycles: New Jersey's winters can wreak havoc on your asphalt. Water that seeps into cracks expands when it freezes, causing them to widen and deepen.
      • Water infiltration: Water trapped in cracks weakens the asphalt base, leading to potholes and further deterioration.
      • Safety hazards: Uneven surfaces and large cracks pose safety risks for pedestrians and vehicles.

      Fix Asphalt's Crack Sealing Process:

      At Fix Asphalt, we take crack sealing seriously. Our process ensures a long-lasting solution:

      1. Crack Evaluation: Our experienced technicians will thoroughly assess the cracks in your parking lot, evaluating their:

      * **Depth:** Deeper cracks require special techniques to ensure proper filling.
      * **Width:** The width of the crack determines the appropriate application method.
      * **Location:** Cracks near the edges or high-traffic areas require extra attention.

      2. Crack Cleaning: Using specialized equipment, we thoroughly clean debris and dirt from the cracks. This ensures optimal adhesion of the sealant.

      3. Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing: We utilize high-quality, hot rubberized crack sealant. This material offers superior flexibility and adhesion compared to traditional options, effectively sealing cracks and preventing water infiltration.

      4. Curing Time: We ensure the sealant has sufficient curing time to form a strong, durable bond with the asphalt.

      Benefits of Fix Asphalt's Crack Sealing:

      • Extends Pavement Life: Proper crack sealing prevents further damage and significantly increases the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.
      • Saves Money: Timely crack sealing is a cost-effective way to avoid costly repairs down the road.
      • Improved Safety: A smooth, crack-free surface reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.
      • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A well-maintained parking lot creates a positive first impression for tenants and visitors.

      Schedule Your Free Crack Sealing Quote Today!

      Don't wait for small cracks to turn into major problems. Contact Fix Asphalt today for a free consultation and quote. We'll assess your parking lot's needs and recommend the most effective crack sealing solution to keep your asphalt in top condition.


New Jersey Asphalt Sealcoating



New Jersey Asphalt Sealcoating

A Quick Note On What Sealcoating WON'T Do--

Sealcoating an asphalt parking lot that's been neglected for 10-15 years is like putting a small band-aid on a severe wound. You know, the kind that needs stitches. It may look fine for a short while, but there won't be any structural value or real protection happening.

Unfortunately, this happens far too often with sub-par contractors. They claim sealcoating will extend the life of your deteriorating asphalt lot a couple of years, when what you may really need is full-on pavement reconstruction, not just a pretty black coat. Sealcoating doesn't resurface asphalt, and it doesn't level or fix low spots.



tar emulsion sealcoating pavement

One thing to note is that sealcoats are different than Type I, II & III slurry seals / microsurfacing, which all use a much coarser aggregate filler and are designed for use on high speed areas with straight rolling traffic.

I should mention that Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer is banned in some U.S. states due to environmental concerns. This trend toward environmentally friendly alternatives is likely to continue, something I can certainly stand behind!

So, How Is Sealcoat Applied?

asphalt-sealcoating-differenceSealcoat is applied directly onto the surface of a (recently cleaned) asphalt pavement. It can be applied using rubber squeegees, brooms, or mechanical spray, often a combination of the aforementioned applications. An example here would be that the first coat of sealcoat is applied via squeegee, and the second coat is applied by spray.

When it comes to Asphalt Emulsion Sealer, we like squeegees and think they offer the best durability.

Examples below of spray application (left) and squeegee application (right)

IMG_4863 IMG_5589

How Long Does Asphalt Sealcoating Take To Complete?

Most jobs take two coats, which requires 24-48 hours of curing before vehicles are allowed back onto the surface. 

Before a seal coating job, the asphalt is thoroughly cleaned using sweeping methods and/or blowers. An unclean surface will cause poor adhesion.

Once the surface is clean, the seal coat mix is applied at about 50 square feet per gallon for a two-coat application.


How Much Does Sealcoating Cost?

Using Coal Tar or Asphalt Emulsion Sealer, the average price to seal coat your asphalt surface ranges from $0.20 - $0.35 per square foot. Several factors can affect the seal coating price:

  • Mobilizations: The number of phases the project can complete to minimize disruption to your customers/tenants.
  • Cleaning & Preparation: How dirty is the parking lot, and how much cleaning will be involved? Walk behind air blowers and steel wire hand brooms. The pavement sealer requires asphalt to be 100% clean to adhere/perform properly. The amount of oil spots that require preparation and priming with a latex-based oil spot primer.
  • Layout Of The Parking Lot: Wide, open square asphalt parking lots and interior roadways without many landscape islands, turns, and other chopped-up areas. When pavement sealer can be applied with a distributor truck spray bar making a 10’ pass at a time versus a hand-held spray wand applying sealer in a 3’ pass at a time.
  • Size Of The Asphalt Parking Lot To Be Sealcoated: All things being equal (Clean Parking Lot, 10 miles from office, etc), theoretically it takes the same amount of time for a 4-person sealcoating crew to sealcoat a 15,000 sq ft open Burger King parking lot working in sections as it does to sealcoat a 60,000 sq ft closed office building parking lot on a Saturday.

With the rising cost of Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsion raw materials, fuel, insurance rates, etc., if you receive prices for seal coating under $0.18 square feet / $1.62 square yard, you will most likely receive a sub-standard project when it is completed.

How Can A Contractor Cut Corners?

Here Are A Few Ways:

  • The seal coating contractor can just apply one coat of pavement sealer instead of two
  • The seal coating contractor can dilute the material with excessive water, not mixing latex or silica sand with the pavement sealer.
  • The seal coating contractor can employ low-cost labor found at day labor organization locations (Keep in mind if a person working on your property gets injured and is not covered by workman’s compensation insurance-

A parking lot preventative maintenance plan (PMP), which involves seal coating and hot rubberized crack sealing, is the ABSOLUTE best investment a property or facility manager can make. $0.25 cents per square foot spent TODAY will save $4.00 - $5.00 per square foot 10–15 years from now.


How Long Does Sealcoating Last For?

Proper timing of seal coating will enable you to extend the life of the asphalt by 300%. By seal coating within 12-18 months after asphalt installation, you will seal in the essential binder of the hot mix asphalt, which is the glue that holds the stone and sand together for a smooth asphalt surface that is easy to sweep and will aid in melting snow and ice faster.

“Ok, I seal coated the parking lot 12 months after it was paved, everything should be okay now, correct?”

Would you buy a new car with a perfect metallic paint finish, wax it one time, and then never wax it again? Probably not.

Seal coating should be scheduled on a 3-5 year rotation.


How Does FixAsphalt Do Sealcoating?

The below video showcases our unique, consultative approach to seal coating projects.

Since 2001, our company has applied millions of gallons of pavement sealer and is committed to providing you with not only the highest-quality workmanship in the industry but also straightforward recommendations of the proper applications for your specific project.

95% of seal coating/pavement maintenance contractors are not providing quality work or long-lasting product application. Our parking lot consultants are trained to help property managers identify these inferior applications. We encourage them to contact the manufacturer or certain cooperative distributors to ascertain how the bidding contractor mixes their pavement sealer. They find 7 times out of 10, the contractor is mixing the concentrate sealer with only water. To add insult to injury, water dilution ratios far exceed what the manufacturer’s recommendations!

We're also the most technologically advanced asphalt & concrete contractor in the Mid-Atlantic Market (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland). We provide everything from a dedicated video channel with live drone videos of your project in progress to daily work-in-progress pictures, all uploaded into your dedicated client portal.


Fix Asphalt: New Jersey Asphalt Seal Coating Contractor 

As a New Jersey Asphalt Seal Coating company that specializes in maintaining and repairing asphalt driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. One of the top asphalt maintenance services in New Jersey is Fix Asphalt, which provides comprehensive asphalt solutions for commercial and residential customers. With years of experience and a commitment to using the best materials and practices, Fix Asphalt is the go-to choice for property owners looking to keep their asphalt surfaces looking great. Fix Asphalt offers a range of services to keep asphalt surfaces in top condition, including commercial driveway sealing, sealcoat products, crack filler, and more.

They understand the damaging effects of UV rays on sealcoating, which is why they use high-quality materials that provide protection against the sun's strong uv rays. They also know how important it is to address asphalt cracks early, as they can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to the surface. By providing timely repairs and maintenance, Fix Asphalt helps property owners save money in the long run by preventing the need for costly repairs or complete replacements. For multifamily properties, asphalt driveways are a popular choice due to their durability and affordability. However, they require regular maintenance to remain in good condition, and that's where Fix Asphalt comes in. Their team of experts is well-equipped to provide comprehensive asphalt solutions for properties of all sizes, including asphalt sealing and crack filling. With their high-quality asphalt sealer products and professional-grade equipment, Fix Asphalt can help keep asphalt driveways looking their best for years to come.



Asphalt Seal Coating That Business Owners & Property Managers Can Trust

Putting your asphalt seal coating needs in the hands of strangers can be daunting and may bring up feelings of fear and doubt. Your business is where your heart is, and trusting a pavement maintenance company with an asset like this can be hard.

FixAsphalt values you and your business. You will receive nothing but professional and reliable services when choosing us to complete your parking lot seal coating.

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The Solution to Your Asphalt Seal Coating Service Needs

When You Choose FixAsphalt…
  • Trust. You’ll be met with a company that provides you with trust over everything. 
  • Proficiency. You can rest assured that your parking lot project will be accomplished with great skill. 
  • Expertise. You can expect to receive a finished product that comes with over 20 years of experience.
  • Achievement. Once the job is completed, you will fall in love with the final product.

Begin Your Parking Lot Project In 3 Simple Steps

At Fix Asphalt, you’re treated like family, which means keeping your best interests at heart. Your
parking lot project will be as stress-free as possible from start to finish.

Schedule Your Parking Lot Inspection Today

Start by scheduling an inspection with one of our highly trained parking lot estimators. They will complete a thorough inspection of your parking lot and review it with you.

Choose The Best Fit Solution For You

After you’ve taken the time to consider the type of parking lot work that best suits you. Your estimator will help get your parking lot project scheduled with our production team.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Parking Lot

As your assigned crew begins working on  your parking lot, you can sit back and relax as the project unfolds in front of you. Soon, you’ll have the best-looking parking lot on the block.


When soliciting proposals for an office building in my portfolio I contacted three paving companies. had a strong initial presentation from our first site meeting.  A company representative scheduled a meeting onsite.  He then pointed out issues I was experiencing in the asphalt that the other two paving companies did not include on their proposals.  Steven explained if these underground water issues are not repaired prior to paving, the paving job will only last a few years before it begins to crack.  Their solid scope of work, pictures, and report they provided made my job easier to explain to ownership why we wanted to invest the extra budget dollars to do the job the correct way.
Commercial Asset Manager
Bridgewater, New Jersey was super fast and very reliable.  I contacted them with an emergency catch basin repair and they responded the same day for the quotation and had a crew on site the following morning to make repairs.
Apartment Property Manager
Neptune, New Jersey

Schedule a Parking Lot Inspection Today

A parking lot with potholes, cracks, faded parking stalls and broken concrete isn't something you should have to worry about, let alone stress over.

Schedule an inspection with FixAsphalt today, and allow us to alleviate your stress by providing you with a new or improved parking lot.

Your appointment request form will be met with diligence and quickness. As soon as you fill out this form, you’ll be on your way to receiving the parking lot of your dreams in no time.


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