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    Re-Imaging Services (Property & Facility Managers)

    Property & Facility ManagersProperty & Facility ManagersProperty & Facility Managers

    Are you trying to lease or sell a commercial / industrial / retail property that is in desperate need of an exterior makeover? Commercial real estate is about location, location, location…. and curb-appeal.

    We can assist you in providing the necessary curb-appeal improvements to your property in relation to what your budget and expectations are.

    Possibly you are representing the owner and they are looking to wholesale the property; however, they feel a fresh sealcoat and striping job on a tired gray parking lot will enhance the perceived value. Or you may be structuring a long-term lease with a national retail chain that has submitted a list of exterior parking lot and sidewalk upgrades that need to be performed for liability reasons prior to executing the lease.

    Whatever your particular situation is; we can help.

    • National Retailers- We can assist you with parking lot, sidewalk and A.D.A. upgrades as part of a re-imaging program. Deal direct with our company to avoid high mark-ups by general contractors, national service providers, brokers etc. for the “highest quality workmanship and materials” installed by a 100% self-performing company. Eliminate the middleman and save!
    • Property Managers & Commercial Real Estate Brokers- Help your clients lease / sell their properties faster by providing immediate curb appeal to a worn / faded parking lot.
    • Commercial Property Disposition Firms- Do you have a portfolio of bank, supermarket, self- storage, warehouse properties etc. that you are marketing for sale? We can assist you in adding curb appeal to the entire portfolio.

    Servicing NJ, PA, DE & MD.  Please contact us for further details.