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Don’t settle for subpar quality. AsphaltRepair is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend the life of your asphalt parking lot before requiring milling and paving

solid scope of work

FixAsphalt combines expert-level skill with long-standing knowledge of how to properly repair your asphalt parking lot

Curb Appeal Tailored to Your Vision

Providing you with seal coating services after asphalt repair will give your parking lot a new look.


Pothole Repairs & Asphalt Repair 

The New Jersey market is notorious for crazy winters with active freeze-thaw cycles, damp and crazy springs, hot and humid summers and beautiful, yet wet falls. Put this all together and it makes pretty unstable conditions for your asphalt parking lot. Potholes and unexpected asphalt repairs can surface at anytime during these beautiful seasons.


We Offer Three (3) Asphalt Repair Options All Year Long:

Remove & Replace, Infrared Repairs and Throw & Patch. 



Remove & Replace Asphalt Repair in NJ 


     (Asphalt Patching)

In the remove and replace option, (sometimes referred to asphalt patching) the damaged existing asphalt or pothole saw-cut and the damaged existing asphalt is removed.


Hot-mix asphalt is then reinstalled and compacted with a vibratory roller.

The seam is sealed with a hot-rubberized crack sealer to prevent water infiltration.

This is a widely used asphalt repair service. 


IMG_0808Infrared Asphalt Repair in NJ

Infrared asphalt repair is a very cost - effective method for repairing existing asphalt in New Jersey.

  • This repair method has gained popularity in the last decade due to its versatility and environmentally friendly alternative to R & R, remove and replacement method

    **It Is important To Note, Infrared Asphalt Repair Is Not Designed For Every Type Of Repair in NJ, Specifically Remediating Base Failure.  
  • **It is also NOT designed to repair asphalt which has base failure. 
  • Infrared repair is ideal for potholes, bad oil spots, low spots / high spots, settling around utility structures, trip & falls hazards, sunken utility repairs and more.




Throw & Patch Asphalt Repair in NJ
(Skin Patching)

Throw and patch (sometime referred to as skin patching) is an economical option for either emergency or cost-effective asphalt and pothole repairs. 

Throw and patch is typically used when potholes need to be filled immediately. It is sometimes completed before milling and paving a parking lot to remove tripping hazards.

As a final option it can be used when your budget is not sufficient to complete Remove & Replace Asphalt Repairs or Infrared Asphalt Repairs.

Throw and patch stretches your budget. It allows us to fill more potholes holes per dollar. This is because we do not have to complete any excavation work nor do we have to wait for the infrared machine to heat up.

**It is important to note, that our specialized sales and customer service representatives can help you stretch your budget. It is important to note that every asphalt job is different, if this is the first pothole or your 100th pothole we are here to help FIX YOUR ASPHALT today!


Common Asphalt Problems


Asphalt Potholes & Alligator Cracking Explained


What Are Potholes?


Potholes are formed due to fatigue-cracks of the asphalt surface. As fatigue-cracks develop, they typically interlock in a pattern known as “alligator cracking”.

The chunks of asphalt between these cracks become loose and form a pothole.

The formation of these asphalt potholes is made worse when the temperature drops. As water enters it, it freezes and puts more stress on the cracked asphalt.

If a pothole fills with water the growth may be accelerated, as the water ‘washes away’ loose particles of road surface as vehicles pass.

If they become large enough, damage to tires and vehicle suspensions can occur.



 Alligator Cracking in Asphalt Parking Lots


Alligator Cracking of the PavementAlligator Cracking is a series of interconnection cracks caused by fatigue failure of asphalt concrete surface under repeated traffic loading.

  • Cracking begins at the bottom on the asphalt surface (base) where tensile stress and strain are highest under a wheel load.

  • The cracks start out as a series of parallel longitudinal cracks.
  • After repeated traffic loading, the cracks connect, forming many-sided, sharp-angled pieces.  Eventually developing into a pattern resembling the skin of an alligator. Alligator cracking occurs only in areas subjected to repeated traffic loading, such as wheel paths.Alligator cracking is considered a major structural distress and is often accompanied by rutting.This type of distress often will have two or three levels of severity often within one distressed area. If these portions can be easily distinguished from each other, they should be measured and recorded separately.

Asphalt Repair Solutions That Business Owners & Property Managers Can Trust

Putting your asphalt repair needs in the hands of strangers can be daunting, and may bring up feelings of fear and doubt. Your business is where your heart is, and trusting an asphalt repair company with an asset like this can be hard.

FixAsphalt values you and your business. You will receive nothing but professional and reliable services when choosing us to complete your parking lot asphalt repair.

The Solution to Your Asphalt Repair Needs

When You Choose FixAsphalt…
  • Trust. You’ll be met with a company that provides you with trust over everything. 
  • Proficiency. You can rest assured that your parking lot project will be accomplished with great skill. 
  • Expertise. You can expect to receive a finished product that comes with over 20 years of experience.
  • Achievement. Once the job is completed, you will fall in love with the final product.

Begin Your Parking Lot Project In 3 Simple Steps

At Fix Asphalt, you’re treated like family, which means keeping your best interests at heart. Your
parking lot project will be as stress-free as possible from start to finish.

Schedule Your Parking Lot Inspection Today

Start by scheduling an inspection with one of our highly trained parking lot estimators. They will complete a thorough inspection of your parking lot and review it with you.

Choose The Best Fit Solution For You

After you’ve taken the time to consider the type of parking lot work that best suits you. Your estimator will help get your parking lot project scheduled with our production team.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Parking Lot

As your assigned crew begins working on  your parking lot, you can sit back and relax as the project unfolds in front of you. Soon, you’ll have the best-looking parking lot on the block.


When soliciting proposals for an office building in my portfolio I contacted three paving companies. had a strong initial presentation from our first site meeting.  A company representative scheduled a meeting onsite.  He then pointed out issues I was experiencing in the asphalt that the other two paving companies did not include on their proposals.  Steven explained if these underground water issues are not repaired prior to paving, the paving job will only last a few years before it begins to crack.  Their solid scope of work, pictures, and report they provided made my job easier to explain to ownership why we wanted to invest the extra budget dollars to do the job the correct way.
Commercial Asset Manager
Bridgewater, New Jersey was super fast and very reliable.  I contacted them with an emergency catch basin repair and they responded the same day for the quotation and had a crew on site the following morning to make repairs.
Apartment Property Manager
Neptune, New Jersey

Schedule a Parking Lot Inspection Today

A parking lot with potholes, cracks, faded parking stalls and broken concrete isn't something you should have to worry about, let alone stress over.

Schedule an inspection with FixAsphalt today, and allow us to alleviate your stress by providing you with a new or improved parking lot.

Your appointment request form will be met with diligence and quickness. As soon as you fill out this form, you’ll be on your way to receiving the parking lot of your dreams in no time.


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