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What are Catch Basins And Why Do They Fail?




Catch basins work as a drainage system for your parking lot. They are built into an asphalt or concrete parking lot to redirect stormwater.

All catch basins will settle or deteriorate over time. As water enters the basin, the joints between the frame and grate casting, blocks, or mortar joints become weak. The water will eventually disintegrate the mortar. It's very simple.

When this happens, especially during the colder months, the water will expand and contract in the openings. This causes the mortar to “pop-out”. This can cause a large issue in your parking lot.

In addition, cracks can appear around the perimeter of the catch basin and allow water to infiltrate the casting.

The Technical Stuff:

If either of the above happens, the catch basin may begin to settle around the perimeter. This will further allow standing water to accumulate.

If it's winter, the standing water will freeze and may become a potential liability.

At this point, the asphalt around the basin may begin to see some cracking. As the cracks continue to spread outward the asphalt will begin to deteriorate.

The casting may settle as the mortar “pops out” and an asphalt lip may appear. This will cause a tripping hazard. This happened because a section of the casting or wedge blocks may have fallen out from normal parking lot traffic. Worst case, the top row of the block may completely fail and allow the casting to cave in.

Our catch basin repair services can be as simple as patching the asphalt around the perimeter with a quick mortar repair, or we could provide an in-depth scope and complete structure rebuild. Either way, we will get your catch basin working.

What Is The Cost To Repair / Rebuild a Catch Basin in New Jersey?

For an asphalt perimeter rebuild costs range from $2,200.00 - $3,000.00.  For a concrete perimeter costs range from $2,500.00 - $3,500.00.    For more in-depth rehabilitation the cost could be up to $5,000.00

What dictates the cost:

  • Quantity of catch basins to be rebuilt?
  • How many rows of blocks have to be replaced?
  • Do the frame and grate need to be removed or can it be repaired "in place" with forming and bricks?
  • Does the frame or grate need to be replacedfrom snow plowing damage?



Catch Basin Repair That Business Owners & Property Managers Can Trust

Putting your catch basin repairs in needs in the hands of strangers can be daunting, and may bring up feelings of fear and doubt. Your business is where your heart is, and trusting an asphalt repair company with an asset like this can be hard.

FixAsphalt values you and your business. You will receive nothing but professional and reliable services when choosing us to complete your parking lot catch basin repair.

The Solution to Your Catch Basin Service Needs

When You Choose FixAsphalt…
  • Trust. You’ll be met with a company that provides you with trust over everything. 
  • Proficiency. You can rest assured that your parking lot project will be accomplished with great skill. 
  • Expertise. You can expect to receive a finished product that comes with over 20 years of experience.
  • Achievement. Once the job is completed, you will fall in love with the final product.

Please see our video of how we diagnose catch basin issues.

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When soliciting proposals for an office building in my portfolio I contacted three paving companies. had a strong initial presentation from our first site meeting.  A company representative scheduled a meeting onsite.  He then pointed out issues I was experiencing in the asphalt that the other two paving companies did not include on their proposals.  Steven explained if these underground water issues are not repaired prior to paving, the paving job will only last a few years before it begins to crack.  Their solid scope of work, pictures, and report they provided made my job easier to explain to ownership why we wanted to invest the extra budget dollars to do the job the correct way.
Commercial Asset Manager
Bridgewater, New Jersey was super fast and very reliable.  I contacted them with an emergency catch basin repair and they responded the same day for the quotation and had a crew on site the following morning to make repairs.
Apartment Property Manager
Neptune, New Jersey

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