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 How We Are Different From Every Other Contractor You Are Going To Call:

  • We bring you the fastest quotes in the Delaware Valley Market... With-in 48 hours with most the same day on the spot!  Think about it... before you even leave the parking lot after meeting with one of our Strategic Parking Lot Consultants, your quote is going to be coming through your email on your phone
  • The most technologically advanced asphalt & concrete contractor in the Mid-Atlantic Market.  We provide everything from a dedicated video channel with live drone videos of your project in progress to daily work in progress pictures all uploaded into your dedicated client portal.  Talk about impressing your Boss...
  • A level of professionalism which is unseen in the asphalt and concrete industry.  Next to roofing (Sorry, to our friends in the roofing business), there is no industry with a tarnished reputation more than asphalt, seal coating and concrete.  From your first meeting with one of our team members, you will immediately realize the value we bring to the table along with our professionalism and integrity which FAR EXCEED the industry Standard!  Make sure you request our FREE GUIDE on how to properly choose an asphalt or concrete company.
  • EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER: See why the Nations Top Retailers & Fortune 500 Companies trust their parking lots and sidewalks to our firm!  
  • VALUE ENGINEERING: Do you have a tight budget but need a rock solid scope of work you can park on?  We can show you how to best invest your budget dollars for maximum value.


Fast - Same Day Estimates!

Do you have specific Asphalt, Paving, Concrete or Pavement Maintenance questions and need unbiased, "Expert'" advice?  

  • Not sure which paving or pavement maintenance product / process to use?
  • Are you looking at 4 different bids with different scopes of work? 
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Call TOLL FREE Today 1-877-349-2774 to receive a quote in 24-48 hours for all your asphalt and concrete needs in the Delaware Valley or South Jersey.  Quotes are provided in 48-72 hours for Central New Jersey, Philadelphia, Mainline, Baltimore Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula Markets. 

Premier Asphalt, Concrete, Seal Coating & Pavement Maintenance Services Provider For The Delaware Valley, Mid-Atlantic, Baltimore Maryland, Jersey Shore & South Jersey Markets.

We Enjoy Finding Solutions to Problems – We Turn Complicated Into Simple

Many local asphalt & concrete companies are a commodity, all offering the same services with little flexibility.  Simply put, they are not looking to build long-term relationships they are looking to make a quick buck and move on.  Most if any, are not looking to maximize your budget dollars and only propose a pavement management plan serving you and/or your clients best interest.

WWW.FIXASPHALT.COM  we do things a little differently.  We are a niche business.  Our business model is specifically tailored to focus exclusively on customer service and building long term relationships.

Have you ever experienced any of the following: poor customer service, zero follow up, vague proposals offering few details on the scope of work (Our favorite- the price on the back of the business card), unprofessionalism, poor communication or worst of all, the impact of the parking lot closure on your business, property, or the property of your tenants?

We understand your job as a property / facility manager.  Our business model is made to be different.  Here’s what you can expect with us:

  • Clear, concise proposals outlining our entire scope of work
  • This includes pictures, jobsite diagrams and a Good-Better-Best proposal format
  • Budget Maximization- we treat your funds as our’s and only recommend a scope of work that will best suit your long term needs or specific situation.
  • A sense of professionalism that exceeds standard paving / concrete companies
  • WRITTEN warranty
  • Hassle free, no-surprise service limiting your stress

See why America’s top retailers and Fortune 500 companies trust us for their asphalt and concrete repair and paving needs.

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We provide paving, seal coating and concrete repair quotes to clients with-in 48 hours to any projects in our Yellow Delaware Valley Target Market.   Quotes outside this area to include Central New Jersey, The Jersey Shore, Downstate Delaware & The Metro-Baltimore Market are provided with-in 72 hours under most circumstances.

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