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The Road to Ruin: What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt?

Posted by Kristina Brahney on July 2, 2019


Is The Asphalt In Your Parking Lots Wearing Down Quicker Than Expected?

Having clean, maintained and smooth asphalt pavement is important, especially if you run a business. You want your visitors to have an excellent experience from the second they arrive. Knowing what can cause your asphalt to wear down allows you to take the right steps to protect it.

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3-Year Performance Difference Between a 1 & 2 Coat Sealcoating Application

Posted by Steven Brahney on May 6, 2015

Several times a month my sales team is usually told they are “priced higher” for a seal coating project. 

 Our next question is, “Are they applying 1 or 2 coats of sealer?” Most times the competing proposals are vague at best- with some even specifically specifying a 1-coat application.

 Will a 1-coat spray application of pavement sealer be sufficient?   The answer is “maybe” and only for certain circumstances.  Lets review the applications where 1-coat of pavement sealer will be adequate:


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