Free Estimates and NJ Parking Lot Evaluations for Paving and Sealcoating

    Parking Lot & Sidewalk Evaluations

    Getting ready to purchase a commercial property or portfolio of shopping centers?  Did you know parking lots and roof's are the two largest capital expenditures of a commercial property and are the best for hiding potential large capital expenditures?  We can help you properly assess your asphalt and concrete assets to ensure your offer includes concessions to help upgrade them to a serviceable status.  

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    Know Before You Present Your Offer

    Current Condition Of Your Asphalt And Concrete Assets


    • How old is the current parking lot?
    • If the parking lot was recently paved prior to listing it for sale are you sure the proper thickness of asphalt was installed or are you going to have a parking lot that begins to show signs of reflective cracking during the winter?
    • Is there underground water issues surfacing through the parking lot or sidewalks?
    • Is the ADA up to date?

    Clients We Service:


    • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT'S)
    • Individual Investors For Commercial Properties
    • Insurance Companies
    • Self Storage Portfolios
    • Health Care REIT's
    • Shopping Center Owners / Investors
    • Developers

    Services We Offer:

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    • Complete Pavement Evaluations
    • Asphalt & Concrete Corning
    • Subgrade Evaluation
    • ADA Compliance
    • Engineering Services
    • Catch Basin Inspections
    • Drainage Evaluations

    Quick Turn Around


    We can turn around a sub-surface evaluation in less than 24 hours with costs starting at $1,500.00 for parking lots less than 200,000 sq ft.  You receive the same format report that would be prepared by an engineering firm that would charge your client $5,000 - $10,000 with a 2 week + turn around time.

    What Is A Sub-Surface Evaluation?

    A sub-surface evaluation is where the entire properties asphalt and concrete assets are inspected, evaluated, photographed, measured and itemized into an easy to read digital report complete with an entire inventory of defects along with supporting pictures and budgetary numbers.  The digital document is offered in both .pdf or interactive video form.  


    To View A Sample Pavement Evaluation: CLICK HERE 

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      Cover Page
      To view a sample report: CLICK HERE
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      Itemization of all asphalt and concrete defects
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      Complete inventory of all asphalt and concrete surfaces with 10 year forcasted budget

    Pavement Evaluation Request