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The Road to Ruin: What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt?

Posted by Kristina Brahney on July 2, 2019



Is The Asphalt In Your Parking Lots Wearing Down Quicker Than Expected?

Having clean, maintained and smooth asphalt pavement is important, especially if you run a business. You want your visitors to have an excellent experience from the second they arrive. Knowing what can cause your asphalt to wear down allows you to take the right steps to protect it.


Normal Wear and Tear

 Asphalt is not meant to last forever and the more it is driven on, the faster it will wear down. Factors like the weather and sunlight can also cause it to experience wear and tear. When asphalt is put down, a binder is used to hold it together. Over time, it starts to lose its natural resistance. This makes it possible for moisture to get below the pavement and cause problems. Making sure that the binder used is high in quality is a solid way to keep your pavement protected for longer. A reputable commercial asphalt company can help you in better understanding the materials and their durability.


Causes of Premature Asphalt Wear

 Outside of normal wear and tear, other factors might contribute to your asphalt deteriorating faster than it should. These might include:

  • Under or over compaction of the asphalt
  • The asphalt is not draining properly
  • The base below the asphalt is improperly or insufficiently compacted
  • When the asphalt is applied, the improper temperature is used


How Long Does Asphalt Last?

 How long it lasts depends on a wide array of factors. When it is laid properly and you take care of it, it can remain in good condition for up to 25 years. Proper installation and maintenance help to reduce the effects of normal wear and tear.


 Now you know more about what can wear down your asphalt prematurely, making it easier to take the steps necessary to protect your investment. Contact Fix Asphalt today to learn more about how to fix your asphalt problems fast - 877-905-1992.

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