Catch Basin Repairs

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    Catch Basin Rehabilitation: (Emergency Service Available For a Life-Safety Issue)

    Infrared Asphalt Restoration


    All catch basins / storm drains will either settle or deteriorate over time. This is because as water enters the joints between the steel casting and block or the mortar joints, it causes the water to disintegrate the mortar.

    When this happens, especially during the colder months, the water will expand and contract causing the mortar to “pop out”.

    In addition, cracks will sometimes appear around the perimeter of the storm drains and allow water to infiltrate the casting.

    When any of these deficiencies occur or with a combination of them together, this will deteriorate the integrity of the casting or structure and the following will happen:

    • The drain may begin to settle around the perimeter and will further allow standing water to accumulate. If these drains are in a pedestrian trafficked area, in the winter when the standing water freezes, this may become a potential liability.
    • The cracks may continue to spread outward and continue to deteriorate the asphalt.
    • The casting may settle as the mortar “pops out” and an asphalt lip may appear that will be a tripping hazard.
    • A section of the casting or wedge blocks may have fallen out and when the casting is driven over it will move similar to a “see-saw”.
    • The top row of block may completely fail and allow the casting to cave in.

    Our rehabilitation services can be as simple as patching the asphalt around the perimeter with a quick mortar repair, to an in-depth scope of complete structure rebuild.

    • Apartment_Catch_Basin_Repair_1.jpg
      Finishing touches on a catch basin rebuild with a concrete collar
    • catch-basin-collapse.jpg
      Catch basin damaged from snow plowing 
    • catch-basin-repair.jpg
      Catch basin damaged from snow plowing
    • Apartment_Catch_Basin_Repair_2.jpg
    • Catch_Basin_Repair_1.jpg
      New bricks being installed to replaced deteriorated ones
    • Catch_Basin_Repair_2.jpg
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    • IMG_7528.jpg

    Concrete vs. Asphalt To Repair Catch Basins 

    IMG_7528.jpg Asphalt_Catch_Basin_Repair.jpg

    Structurally concrete will last 4 times longer than asphalt as a collar for storm drain repairs. Even after rebuilding and parging the inside of a catch basin there is still a risk water will migrate between the asphalt and the cast iron frame at some point in the future.  In the winter this water will turn to ice and over time will damage the block.  When asphalt is used as a collar and the brick begins to deteriorate a sink hole will develop around the perimeter.

    Failed_Catch_Basin.jpg Once the sink hole develops it will only be a matter of time and the weight of a parking lot sweeper or snow plow truck before the catch basin perimeter collapses.  

    When concrete is used in place of asphalt it has much greater tensile strength combined with steel reinforcement similar to concrete bridge decks.  If a bridge deck was to develop a hole through the entire substrate, the bridge deck would remain in tact as the steel reinforcement would keep the surrounding concrete together.  In the same theory, if a sink hole was to develop around the perimeter the concrete would bridge the hole and prevent the concrete from sinking into the catch basin.  

    Concrete collars around catch basins are installed between 6" - 12" thick and range in perimeter from 12" - 36" wide.   

    What is the cost to repair / rebuild a catch basin?

    For an asphalt perimeter rebuild costs range from $2,200.00 - $3,000.00.  For a concrete perimeter costs range from $2,500.00 - $3,500.00.  

    What dictates the cost:

    • Quantity of catch basins to be rebuilt?
    • How many rows of block have to be replaced?
    • Does the frame and grate need to be removed or can it be repaired "in place" with forming and bricks?
    • Does the frame or grate need to be replaced from snow plowing damage?

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