By Kristina Brahney | April 3, 2023


Pavement Project Planning Tips for NJ Property Managers

New Jersey Parking Lot Maintenance

Ok, so January is officially over. February is now over, and so it is time to figure out what type of parking lot maintenance plan, asphalt or concrete service your parking lot needs. Whether it's a shopping center, strip mall, asphalt or concrete parking lot we are here to help you extend the life of your parking lot.

As every NJ property manager knows, the most important step of managing your parking lot budget is to prioritize which asphalt projects need the most work. You should be asking yourself these questions:

  • Does my parking lot need to be repaved?
  • Can my parking lot still be seal coated?
  • Why do I have so many potholes?
  • Do I have any open potholes?
  • Are my storm drains collapsing?
  • Where do I start with a preventative maintenance plan?

These questions can be overwhelming to any project management team while trying to plan your pavement project.. The last thing any property manager wants, is a contractor wasting their time and money by doing unnecessary repair and maintenance on their parking lots.

NJ pavement project planning is an essential part of every long-term pavement maintenance plan. A proper and well-enforced plan will help extend and protect your asphalt for many many years

Schedule a Consultation For All Pavement Projects

The first thing you should do is schedule a Free Consultation with one of our construction project managers. Knowledge is key. Upon arrival to your project or projects, we will walk your parking lot with you. We will discuss any and all of your concerns, meanwhile addressing any other issues we may find.

Most important things to do before your consultation:

  • Know Your Properties
  • Know Your Budget
  • Set Realistic Expectations

After your consultation, we will help NJ property managers develop an effective strategy to protect, preserve, maintain or improve your parking lot, all while working with you and your budget.

Know Your Budget for Proper Pavement Project Planning

After meeting on your asphalt parking lot or various real estate holdings you will have a better idea on where and how your budget dollars will be best spent.

We will work with you and help you develop a long-term pavement maintenance plan. We will stay with you from start to finish, we won't leave until your asphalt project is completed.

We do not require deposits for our projects, therefore, we won't leave until you are 100% satisfied with your pavement project.

What Type Of NJ Pavement Contractor You Want To Work With

This sounds simple enough right? You see a pothole, you google "pothole repair near me", you click the first few names, request some quotes, wait for quotes (if you ever get them), pick a bid and voila!

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. is a technology based company. All of our estimators are equipped with an iPad, an iPhone, a truck equipped with GPS technology and state of the art equipment for all of your asphalt parking lot and concrete needs.

We use a variety of estimating programs and use electronic measuring wheels as well as arial view and drone technology to measure your parking lots.

The use of new technology allows us to give you the most effective help when it comes to NJ pavement project planning.

We are also fully insured. We have a safety-first mentality. All of our workers are required to wear a safety vest while on an active work site.

Unfortunately, the pavement industry is not known for the most reputable contractors. I'd have to guess, you don't want a bunch of mis-matched and uninsured workers or contractors on your parking lot.

Develop a Long-Term NJ Pavement Project Plan

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place is the most effective way to prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot and concrete areas.

Waiting until you have a pothole is not a maintenance plan, protecting your parking lot against potholes is part of one.

It is important to schedule maintenance work such as pothole repair, crack repair, catch basin repair as as soon as they develop. The longer the deficiencies are there, they more costly they are fix.

Top NJ Asphalt Contractor is a full-service NJ pavement maintenance company. We have several offices throughout NJ to help you with all of you parking lots.

We have full-time crews available all winter long for emergency repair work.

We offer Free Estimates and most quotes are returned via email within 48 hours.

Call 877-349-2774 or visit today.






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