By Kristina Brahney | April 3, 2023

New Jersey Asphalt Repair and Maintenance


When it comes to commercial parking lots, regular maintenance on your asphalt and concrete areas is the most cost-effective way to prevent pricey replacement projects.

You parking lot is the first impression you get to make to your new customer or client. Some would argue, it is just as important as your landscaping. The last thing you would want is a new client pulling into your parking lot and blowing out a tire in a large pothole that has been ignored.

As one of the top parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair contractors in New Jersey, is called daily to help property managers with potholes and various parking lot maintenance issues

Get Ahead Of Your Parking Lot Problems

New Jersey Catch Basin Repair New Jersey Asphalt Sealcoating new jersey concrete  repairnew jersey crack sealing

Every spring, a simple evaluation of your parking lot is the first step in preventing costly asphalt pavement and concrete repairs.

Over the course of the winter you may notice your asphalt surfaces really get hit hard. Between the vicious freeze-thaw cycle, salt on your pavement, freezing temperatures, rain, sleet and snow; your parking lots really take the burden.

By the time spring rolls around, most property managers will uncover potholes, cracks, alligator cracking and more. None of which were there a couple months earlier.

Once you see a pothole or a crack, ignoring it will NOT make it go away. Actually, the longer you wait to repair a simple crack or small pothole, the larger and more expensive it becomes.

Here are a few maintenance tips to help you with your asphalt maintenance.


Paying Attention To Your Pavement and Concrete

I know it seems simple, but the simple task of keeping a close eye on your asphalt can make a big difference. Be sure to pay attention to asphalt cracks, standing water, heaved concrete and even faded line striping.  Keeping a close eye on these issues and help you and your budget.


New Jersey Pavement Sealcoating

Pavement Sealcoating, Seal coating, or pavement sealing, is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from the elements: water, oils, and U.V. damage.

Sealcoating is an essential part of any asphalt repair and maintenance plan. Before any sealcoating project, is is important that all crack repairs and any other asphalt maintenance be completed before the sealcoat application begins.

Commercial property owners and managers can agree that pavement sealcoating is a cost-effective maintenance service to their properties, and they are right. Sealcoating ads immense curb appeal, all while protecting your parking lot.

You have your landscaping done every 7-10 days, so why not sealcoat your parking lot every 2 years?


New Jersey Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt repairs in your parking lot address specific areas of damage, rather than covering the entire parking lot.

We offer 4 types of asphalt repair:

Cold Patch:  This is a temporary solution to fill a hole and prevent further damage simply. The cold patch will need excavation and removal at some point in 60-90 days after installation and hot mix asphalt repairs completed

Saw Cut & Removal: This is a permanent fix and can be performed with hot mix asphalt on days where the temperatures are above freezing.

Infrared Repair: Infrared asphalt restoration is a recycling process that heat fuses new plant hot mix asphalt with the existing asphalt for a seamless repair with no saw cut joints. Infrared can be completed in any temperature depending on the size of the repair.

Throw & Patch: Throw and patch utilizes hot mix asphalt (Not cold patch) to fill potholes flush with the surrounding pavement. It gets its name from the process of asphalt being thrown in the hole (Sorry for the crude analogy) and compacted with a plate tamper or asphalt roller.  Throw and patch is ideal if you have a large number of potholes in already deteriorated pavement.


New Jersey Crack Sealing

Parking lot crack repair, also known as hot-rubberized crack repair, is another cost-effective way to extend the life of your pavement surface. Property managers will agree that an effective pavement management plan includes annual hot-rubberized crack filling on the asphalt surface. 

The most important reason to crack seal your parking lot is to prevent water from infiltrating the base. It water gets into the parking lot cracks it will eventually cause the areas surrounding the crack to unravel.


New Jersey Concrete Repairs for Tripping Hazards

Sinking concrete occurs for many reasons. Most concrete sinks or heaves due to poor or no soil compaction. Temperatures that change quickly along with moisture can lead your concrete sidewalks to sink. When your concrete base becomes unstable, due to moisture from the freeze-thaw cycle, it can cause concrete sinking. The weight of the concrete then becomes too much to bear and causes the slab to sink and the sidewalk to become uneven.

The average cost of a slip and fall due to concrete sidewalk sinking and heaving is $40,000.00, plus legal fees and insurance premiums. When you compare this to a minimum charge of $2,500.00 for concrete repairs it sure makes sense to stay on top of your concrete sidewalks.


New Jersey Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins (Sometimes referred to as Storm Drains / Storm Sewers) begin to deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are installed incorrectly when the asphalt parking lot is first built. Most often water and freeze thaw are the culprits.


Want to learn more about commercial asphalt repair and maintenance? Looking for experts to help fix asphalt issues? Contact us today!


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