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  • Asphalt Repair 903 square feet
  • (3) Catch Basin / Storm Drain Rebuilds 
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing 1,000 linear feet
  • Asphalt Seal Coating 67,000 square feet
  • Line Striping
  • 130 linear feet of underdrain/drainage tile for underground water coming to the surface



  • 1 Day for preparation/cleaning/crack sealing
  • 3 Days for seal coating to minimize interruption to residents
  • 1 Day for asphalt repair
  • 1 Day for drainage tile
  • 3 Days for line striping



  • Neptune Township, New Jersey



  • Wellsbrook Luxury Apartments



  • / Brahney Paving Of The Jersey Shore



IMG_2092 IMG_2254

Before and after down shots of parking lot asphalt seal coating in Neptune Township New Jersey (Monmouth County-NJ) 

Neptune Township NJ Asphalt Seal Coating Example-1

                                     (LEFT) March 2024 After Seal Coating                                                                                                               (RIGHT) March 2021 Before Seal Coating      

Asphalt Seal Coating Was Completed In June 2021


Project Background

Upon initial contact from the client regarding their Neptune Township luxury apartment complex, we embarked on a detailed evaluation of the asphalt and concrete areas alongside the owner's onsite manager. Surprisingly, the initial request for milling and paving was reconsidered as the asphalt still boasted 5-7 years of serviceable life. We proposed an alternative solution of pavement maintenance and seal coating, highlighting significant cost savings for the client. It was concerning to learn that the other paving companies involved in scoping the project had overlooked this crucial information, further emphasizing the value of our comprehensive approach.

The client decided to follow our recommendation and ended up saving nearly $130,000.00 in the process.

How We Assess A Project When Preparing A Cost Proposal

Our expertise lies in conducting thorough site evaluations for asphalt and concrete projects. Unlike many contractors who simply estimate sizes or use rough measurements, we take a meticulous approach to job costing. This sets us apart from others in the pavement maintenance industry who may underbid projects and resort to substandard materials or shortcuts. While we may not always be the lowest-cost provider, we prioritize being the "lowest risk" provider by delivering the highest value. Clients often choose us not for our affordability, but for our comprehensive proposals and deep understanding of project requirements. Our commitment to detailed scoping sets us apart, ensuring that clients feel confident in entrusting their projects to us.

Our expertise in asphalt assessment and transparent business model was able to save this client over $130,000.00.

Upon completion of our assessment, we utilize proprietary software to map out a detailed site evaluation, pinpointing the exact locations for all proposed work, from sealcoating to repairs. This comprehensive approach ensures that the client gains a clear understanding of the project scope, costs, and locations where work will be conducted on their property. Armed with this valuable information, we swiftly move on to crafting a detailed cost proposal, typically dispatched via email on the same day that the project assessment is completed.

Unique Challenges For This Project

The challenges posed by this project were characteristic of multi-family properties like apartment complexes, condominiums, townhouse developments, senior living communities, and other residential areas that cannot be closed off during construction. These types of projects require meticulously planned logistics to minimize disruptions for residents. We strategically phase the project to ensure minimal impact, as illustrated below.


This detailed map is distributed to the residents of the community as well as to vendors like trash and recycling pick-up services. It provides a visual representation of each phase of the work being conducted, ensuring everyone is aware of the ongoing activities. Additionally, specific instructions are provided to clients regarding when the asphalt can be accessed, how to handle situations like sprinkler adjustments, notifications to vendors, walking pets, and coordinating bus pick-ups and drop-offs for children.


Where The Magic Happens (Go-Time!)

Upon finalizing the contract, the project moves into the scheduling phase. We keep our clients informed every step of the way through various communication channels, including email, text messages, and phone calls. For larger and more complex projects, we provide a detailed phasing diagram that can be shared with tenants to outline which areas will be temporarily closed, allowing them to make necessary arrangements for employees and deliveries.

Cleaning & Preparation:

We begin by cleaning the asphalt thoroughly including removing any grass from the cracks with a combination of 3 applications of Round-Up and a heat lance for preparing cracks that used compressed air and flame heated to 1,800 degrees to blast out foreign debris.  We provide cleaning so thoroughly you can eat off of the asphalt when we are done.  


Crack Sealing:

Cracks are cleaned thoroughly and filled with a hot rubberized crack sealant

                  IMG_1945.   IMG_2070

Asphalt Repairs:

IMG_3831 IMG_3829

Installation Of Underdrain/Drainage Tile/Catch Basin Rebuilds: 

We implemented underdrain systems in two key areas where underground water was surfacing. This not only prevents ice formation in winter and moss growth in warmer months, reducing slip and fall risks. Additionally, ensuring proper drainage is essential for the longevity of the asphalt surface, as pavement sealer cannot adhere effectively if underground water issues persist. Addressing these drainage issues before future asphalt milling and paving projects, scheduled in 5-7 years, is crucial to prevent water from resurfacing through the newly laid asphalt.

IMG_0364-1  IMG_0367 IMG_4155

IMG_3833 IMG_3839 IMG_3832

Asphalt Seal Coating:

The pavement sealer was strategically applied in three phases to minimize disruption to residents. The work was scheduled from Monday to Wednesday, aligning with quieter days at the properties and avoiding conflicts with trash and recycling pickups.

IMG_2028  IMG_2018  IMG_2045

IMG_2042  IMG_2021   IMG_2062 





What Are The Risks Of Having The Wrong Pavement Contractor Scope Your Project?


fddeb55f-bf27-4e6a-95bf-484dab2014b2 (1)POOR GUIDANCE LEADS TO WASTED BUDGET DOLLARS:

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have learned that not all contractors specializing in seal coating or paving have the best interests of your asphalt at heart. While some may push for unnecessary seal coating on every project, and others may advocate for costly paving solutions, we at take a different approach. We believe in a holistic assessment of your pavement needs, offering a range of services tailored to the specific requirements of your asphalt.

Whether it's minor pothole repairs or complete pavement rehabilitation, we prioritize providing honest advice based on the actual condition of your asphalt. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your pavement needs. By understanding the unique characteristics of your asphalt, we can offer tailored recommendations that prioritize longevity, durability, and overall pavement health.

At, we believe in transparency, integrity, and delivering results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to understanding the true needs of your asphalt sets us apart in the industry, ensuring that your pavement receives the care and attention it deserves for long-lasting performance. Trust us to provide expert guidance and reliable solutions for all your pavement maintenance and repair needs.



Your asphalt and concrete services represent a significant investment in your commercial property. When seeking estimates for asphalt or concrete projects, it's crucial to involve industry experts who can craft a customized scope of work that optimizes your budget and prioritizes your best interests over those of the contractors.



How Much Does Asphalt Parking Lot Seal Coating Cost In New Jersey?

Asphalt seal coating in New Jersey can vary in cost depending on several factors such as:

  • Age of the parking lot asphalt
  • Size of the parking lot
  • Condition of the asphalt
  • How much cleaning is involved
  • How many cracks are in the asphalt
  • How many sections the parking lot has to be completed in 
$0.20 per square foot $0.25 per square foot $0.35 per square foot 

*** Pricing above is for a 100,000-square-foot parking lot for a 2-coat application 

How Much Does Parking Lot Repair Cost In New Jersey?

Parking lot repair in New Jersey can vary in cost depending on several factors such as:

  • Size of the repairs (Larger repairs allow larger equipment to be utilized reducing manual labor which reduces the cost charged to the customer)
  • How many repairs 
  • Scope of the repair (Type of repair: removal and replacement 2" deep, full depth repairs 4-6" plus, replacement with base remediation etc)
  • Type of repair (Traditional removal and replacement v. infrared asphalt repairs)
  • When the project can be completed (During business hours Monday - Friday, evenings, weekends etc) 
$4.00 per square foot  $9.00 per square foot $12.00 per square foot 

*** Pricing above is for a 2,500-square-foot project for repairs not to exceed 4 locations in the parking lot


In addition to Neptune Township NJ (07753, 07720, 07754, 07756), we also offer asphalt seal coating, asphalt repair, line striping, crack sealing, parking lot repair, pavement services, and asphalt maintenance services in the following surrounding cities:

Neptune City NJ 07753

Wall Township NJ 07719

Manasquan NJ 08736

Little Silver NJ 07739

Brielle NJ 08730

Ocean Township NJ 07711, 07712, 07723, 07740, 07755

Bradley Beach 07720

Asbury Park NJ 07712

Interlaken NJ 07712

Allenhurst NJ 07711

Freehold NJ 07728

Fair Haven NJ 07704

Rumson 07760

Colts Neck NJ 07722

Howell Twp 07719, 07710, 07722, 07727, 07728, 07731

Red Bank NJ 07701, 07704

Farmingdale NJ 07727

Avon-by-the-sea NJ 07717

Monmouth Beach NJ 07750

Sea Bright NJ 07760

Atlantic Highlands NJ  07716, 07752

Spring Lake Heights NJ 07762

Shrewsbury NJ 07702, 07703

Tinton Falls NJ 07701, 07712, 07724, 07727, 07753

West Long Branch NJ 07764

Eatontown NJ 07702, 07703, 07724, 07799

Deal NJ 07723

Spring Lake NJ 07762

Belmar NJ 07715, 07719

Long Branch NJ 07740

Highlands NJ 07732

Middletown NJ 07701, 07716, 07718, 07732, 07733, 07737, 07738, 07748, 07758, 07760

Freehold Township NJ 07728


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