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  • Asphalt Repair 1,000 square feet
  • Catch Basin Adjustment
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing 2,200 linear feet
  • Asphalt Seal Coating 143,000 square feet
  • Line Striping
  • Sidewalk Replacement 618 sq ft



  • 3 Days for preparation/cleaning / crack sealing
  • 3 Days for seal coating to minimize interruption to business operations.  A project this size is typically completed in 1 day if the entire area can be closed to traffic
  • 1 Day for asphalt repair
  • 1 Day for concrete replacement
  • 2 Days for line striping



  • Neptune City, New Jersey



  • 5 Kids Group



  • / Brahney Paving Of The Jersey Shore



  • Neyra Pavement Sealer
  • McAsphalt Hot Rubberized Crack Sealant
  • Sherwin Williams Traffic Paint
  • Greenway Industries Of NJ Asphalt Plant
  • Clayton Concrete Plant

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Before and after down shots of parking lot asphalt seal coating in Neptune City New Jersey 


Project Background

Upon the property owner's request, we were contacted to assess the condition of the asphalt parking lot and provide a cost proposal. A thorough walk-through was scheduled, during which we examined the asphalt and concrete areas with the owner's representative to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. It was evident that the rear parking lot was overrun with grass sprouting from the cracks, and the asphalt and pavement markings were showing signs of wear and tear. The aging asphalt, dating back to the 1970s, had reached the end of its service life, requiring milling and paving. However, considering budget constraints and the primary use of the rear lot for deliveries and employee parking, the owners opted for enhancing its "curb appeal" and addressing the grass growth issue. We made it clear that due to the deep-rooted grass in the cracks, there was no guarantee it wouldn't resurface even after treatment. Following the walk-through, we promptly provided a detailed cost proposal, which was approved by the owners a few weeks later, signaling the green light to proceed with the project.

How We Assess A Project When Preparing A Cost Proposal

Our expertise lies in conducting thorough site evaluations for asphalt and concrete projects. Unlike many contractors who simply estimate sizes or use rough measurements, we take a meticulous approach to job costing. This sets us apart from others in the pavement maintenance industry who may underbid projects and resort to substandard materials or shortcuts. While we may not always be the lowest-cost provider, we prioritize being the "lowest risk" provider by delivering the highest value. Clients often choose us not for our affordability, but for our comprehensive proposals and deep understanding of project requirements. Our commitment to detailed scoping sets us apart, ensuring that clients feel confident in entrusting their projects to us.


During our assessment of the project, we, seasoned contractors, acknowledged the challenge of sealing cracks that have been overrun with grass for 40 years. We were upfront and transparent with the prospect about the difficulty of preventing the grass from reemerging. Interestingly, the prospect noted that we were the only contractor to highlight this issue, showcasing our attention to detail and expertise in the field.


This particular client fully grasped the importance of partnering with a pavement maintenance company that truly understands the intricacies of their unique project needs. The front parking lot had been hastily paved by a questionable contractor three years prior, resulting in premature signs of cracking and deterioration in the asphalt. With a keen eye for quality and a desire to avoid consecutive subpar pavement projects, this client was meticulous in their selection process. Upon being awarded the project, the client expressed their confidence in choosing our company due to our evident expertise and thorough understanding of the project requirements.

Upon completion of our assessment, we utilize proprietary software to map out a detailed site evaluation, pinpointing the exact locations for all proposed work, from sealcoating to repairs. This comprehensive approach ensures that the client gains a clear understanding of the project scope, costs, and locations where work will be conducted on their property. Armed with this valuable information, we swiftly move on to crafting a detailed cost proposal, typically dispatched via email on the same day that the project assessment is completed.

Unique Challenges For This Project

The challenges presented by this project were typical of commercial properties that operate seven days a week. The site includes an office building open Monday through Friday, as well as a strip center that operates daily. In addition to accommodating the businesses of tenants that are open seven days a week, the office building with an underlying warehouse experiences deliveries, garbage pickups, and recycling services from Monday to Friday. Given our experience in working in such busy commercial environments, we excelled in managing logistics and traffic control for this project. We strategically phased the job to minimize disruptions and ensure minimal impact on our clients, the warehouse business, and the retail businesses of the tenants.

Upon commencing the asphalt repair work, the client inquired about the cost of replacing a sidewalk at the rear of the property, which serves as the entrance for employees. Although they initially considered having the work done at a later time, we advised them that performing concrete work after sealcoating could potentially damage the newly sealed asphalt. To prevent any staining or harm to the surface, we expedited our schedule to have the concrete replaced before the sealcoating process began the following week. Additionally, an old shanty used to shield employees from rain at the check-in area was deteriorating and leaking. To address this, we efficiently coordinated with a subcontractor to replace the shanty and a concrete crew to install new concrete, ensuring that the area was refreshed and in top condition for employees. This rescheduling of tasks was seamlessly managed, allowing us to maintain project timelines for the upcoming sealcoating while meeting the client's additional needs.


Where The Magic Happens (Go-Time!)

Upon finalizing the contract, the project moves into the scheduling phase. We keep our clients informed every step of the way through various communication channels, including email, text messages, and phone calls. For larger and more complex projects, we provide a detailed phasing diagram that can be shared with tenants to outline which areas will be temporarily closed, allowing them to make necessary arrangements for employees and deliveries.

Cleaning & Preparation:

We begin by cleaning the asphalt thoroughly including removing any grass from the cracks with a combination of 3 applications of Round-Up and a heat lance for preparing cracks that used compressed air and flame heated to 1,800 degrees to blast out foreign debris.  We provide cleaning so thoroughly you can eat off of the asphalt when we are done.  

IMG_1699  IMG_5090  IMG_5370

Crack Sealing:

Cracks are cleaned throughly and filled with a hot rubberized crack sealant

IMG_3781  IMG_3784

Asphalt Repairs:


Concrete Replacement: 

We replaced the concrete sidewalk that was constructed in the 1970s along with the weather shanty with new plywood sides and a new roof.  

IMG_2657  IMG_2855 IMG_2873

Asphalt Seal Coating:

The pavement sealer was applied over 3 mobilizations to minimize impact to the property's operations. 

IMG_5463  IMG_5468  IMG_5399

IMG_5459  IMG_5738   IMG_5449 



What Are The Risks Of Hiring The Wrong Pavement Contractor?

As previously mentioned, the client expressed significant apprehension about selecting the right contractor for this project, particularly due to their past negative experience with an asphalt paving contractor who had worked on the front parking lot. Despite the contractor's insistence on paving in December under unsuitable cold temperatures, the asphalt surface started to show signs of deterioration within just three months, with stones becoming loose and cracks beginning to form within a year. During our site evaluation, we emphasized to the client the critical importance of seal coating for the longevity of the asphalt surface. The hasty decision-making by the previous contractor, labeled as a "fly-by-night" operation, led to a rushed project without proper milling, addressing low spots, sealing cracks, or adjusting utility structures.

Ultimately, this rushed and inadequate approach resulted in the client receiving a subpar project that fell short of their expectations. The premature deterioration of the asphalt, characterized by stones and sand coming loose from the surface, was far more severe than what would be expected from a parking lot that had not been sealed in over a decade, let alone one that was less than three years old.

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How Much Does Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Cost In New Jersey?

Asphalt seal coating in New Jersey can vary in cost depending on several factors such as:

  • Age of the parking lot asphalt
  • Size of the parking lot
  • Condition of the asphalt
  • How much cleaning is involved
  • How many cracks are in the asphalt
  • How many sections the parking lot has to be completed in 
$0.20 per square foot $0.25 per square foot $0.35 per square foot 




Project Client Testimonial 

"I would highly recommend Steve & his company Fix Asphalt. They have just completed sealcoating our front & back lots for our 80,000 sq ft warehouse and our adjacent 33,000 sq ft strip center. In addition, they milled & paved a new road in the back of our warehouse & installed a french drain along the side of the 280-foot new road solving a long-standing drainage issue. In addition, they poured new concrete sidewalks and rebuilt & the entry shed. The work was completed on time and exactly to the proposal amounts on the contract. If questions or concerns arise he is always available to address your questions,  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me."

Phil M.- Property Manger - 5 Kids Group

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