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Should you wait till Spring to repair potholes?

Posted by Steven Brahney on January 17, 2017



Emergency Pothole Repairs NJ

There is a myth that asphalt plants do not operate in the Winter- this is FALSE!

In colder regions of the country each Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) requires a certain number of asphalt plants to operate in the winter when temperatures are above freezing.

By waiting until Spring to make urgent asphalt repairs you risk the following:
* Damage worsening as the areas are subjected to the freeze - thaw cycle
* Personal injury risk from trip and falls
* Damage to motor vehicles
* Scaring away potential customers and tenants
* Allowing water to saturate the sub grade below the asphalt

There are (4) four methods used to repair potholes in the Winter:

1.) Cold Patch- This is a temporary solution to fill a hole and prevent further damage simply. The cold patch will need excavation and removal at some point in 60-90 days after installation and hot mix asphalt repairs completed
2.) Saw Cut & Removal- This is a permanent fix and can be performed with hot mix asphalt on days where the temperatures are above freezing.
3.) Infrared Asphalt Restoration- Infrared asphalt restoration is a recycling process that heat fuses new plant hot mix asphalt with the existing asphalt for a seamless repair with no saw cut joints. Infrared can be completed in any temperature depending on the size of the repair.

4.) Throw & Patch- Throw and patch utilizes hot mix asphalt (Not cold patch) to fill potholes fliush with the surrounding pavement.  It gets its name from the process of asphalt being thrown in the hole (Sorry for the crude analogy) and compacted with a plate tamper or asphalt roller. This is more cost effective than Saw Cut & Removal / Infrared but does not last as long but will outlast Cold Patch by 5-6 years.   Throw and patch is ideal if you have a large number of potholes in an already deteriorated pavement and need to remove the life safety trip and fallissue and tire popping casued by potholes.   

How much does asphalt repair cost?

Cold Patch Repairs start around $850.00
Saw Cut & Removal Repairs start around $2,500.00
Infrared Asphalt Restoration starts around $1,800.00



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