By Kristina Brahney | January 14, 2019

Should I wait until Spring for NJ Pothole Repair?

The answer is "No!"

By waiting until Spring to repair NJ potholes you risk the following:

* Damage getting worse in these areas, as they are subjected to the freeze-thaw cycle

* Personal injury risk from trip and falls

* Damage to motor vehicles

* Allowing water to saturate the sub-grade below the asphalt


The top 4 ways to repair NJ potholes in the winter:

1.) Cold Patch- This is a temporary way to fill potholes and prevent further damage . The cold patch will need excavation and removal within 60-90 days of installation and eventually be completed with hot-mix asphalt to complete the pothole repair.

2.) Saw Cut & Removal- This is a permanent way to fix a pothole and can be performed with hot-mix asphalt when it’s above freezing.

3.) Infrared Asphalt Restoration- A recycling process that heats and mixes new hot-mix asphalt with existing asphalt for a seamless repair and no saw-cut joints! Infrared pothole repairs can be completed in any temperature depending on the size of the pothole.

4.) Throw & Patch- Throw and patch utilizes hot-mix asphalt (Not cold patch) to fill potholes flush with the surrounding pavement. Throw and patch is ideal for pothole repairs if you have a large number of potholes in one place.


How Much Does A NJ Pothole Repair Cost?

Generally speaking, a NJ pothole repair costs $ 1,800.00 - $ 2,500.00

Of course, this varies on the size and depth of the actual repair. It would also depend on the way you would like the pothole fixed.

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