By Steven Brahney | August 22, 2014

Cost To Sealcoat An Asphalt Parking Lot

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Pavement Sealcoating - Parking Lot Sealcoating

How much does it cost to sealcoat an asphalt parking lot? The average sealcoating cost for an asphalt parking lot with either asphalt or coal tar emulsion pavement sealer ranges from $0.14 - $0.25 per square foot.



  • Mobilizations: The amount of phases the project can be completed to minimize disruption to your customers / tenants.

  • Cleaning & Preparation: How dirty the parking lot is and how much cleaning will be involved using walk behind air blowers and steel wire hand brooms.  Pavement sealer required asphalt to be 100% clean to adhere / perform properly.  The amount of oil spots which require preparation and priming with a latex based oil spot primer

  • Layout Of The Parking Lot:  Wide open square asphalt parking lots and interior roadways without a lot of landscape islands, turns and other chopped up areas.  When pavement sealer can be applied with a distributor truck spray bar making a 10’ pass at a time versus a hand held spray wand applying sealer in a 3’ pass at a time. 

  • Size Of The Asphalt Parking Lot To Be Sealcoated: With all things being equal (Clean Parking Lot, 10 miles from office etc) theoretically it takes the same amount of time for a 4 person sealcoating crew to sealcoat a 15,000 sq ft open Burger King parking lot working in sections that is does to sealcoat a 60,000 sq ft closed office building parking lot on a Saturday.



Is hiring a professional sealcoating contractor worth it?

Professional sealcoating contractors have a fleet of equipment, backup equipment and support equipment to complete your project in a timely manner.  In addition, a professional sealcoating contractor like us has the necessary overhead to:

  • Include liability, automobile and workman’s compensation insurance (Minimum $2M with umbrellas, additionally insured language etc.- not just a basic policy with the state minimums which an injured party then may look to you to cover the deficiency)
  • Hire a legal workforce which is paid “on the books” with necessary withholding taxes withdrawn from their paycheck (Not day laborers picked up from a neighborhood muster location)
  • Use professional equipment built by leading industry manufacturers such as Neal Manufacturing,which fabricates equipment which is capable of applying a thick pavement coating with silica sand and rubberized latex mixed for the longest lasting application (Not 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails or square plastic totes with a trash pump system which CANNOT PROPERLY MIX THE SEALER OR APPLY A SEALER MIXED WITH SAND AND LATEX. Surprisingly, some pavement sealer manufacturers sell and or encourage the use of these type of setups knowing full well they cannot apply their own manufactured pavement sealer to even their most minimal mix designs or application rates. 


With the rising cost of coal tar and asphalt emulsion raw materials, fuel, insurance rates etc., if you are receiving prices for sealcoating for a 100,000 square foot / 11,111 square yard project under $0.14 square feet / $1.26 square yard, you are most likely going to receive a sub-standard project when complete.

How can a contractor work cheap, cut corners & cheat without the customer knowing? Here are a few ways:

  • The sealcoating contractor can spray / apply 1 coat of pavement sealer instead of 2
  • The sealcoating contractor can dilute the material with excessive amounts of water, not mixing latex or silica sand with the pavement sealer
  • The sealcoating contractor can employ low-cost labor found at day labor organization locations (Keep in mind, if a person working on your property gets injured and is not covered by workman’s compensation insurance- YOU MAY BE HELD LIABLE FOR ALL THEIR MEDICAL EXPENSES!

For technical information on pavement sealer products, please visit: Gem Seal Pavement Products

We can provide a comprehensive sealcoating, crack sealing & line striping estimate within 48 hrs for commercial properties to include: property managers, shopping centers, office buildings, corporate campus’s, industrial parks, self-storage facilities, trucking facilities, healthcare facilities, retirement communities, places of worship, homeowners associations, apartments, hospitality, funeral homes, etc.


We offer services in and around the following cities:

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Baltimore, Maryland (MD)
  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (NJ)
  • Wilmington, Delaware (DE)
  • Trenton, New Jersey (NJ)
  • Dover, Delaware (DE)

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