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How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost In New Jersey?

Posted by Steven Brahney on October 8, 2017

snow2.jpgTypically speaking commercial snow removal cost depends on the type of snow removal contract you choose. Costs can range from $175.00 per hr for a pickup truck with a snow plow to $225,000.00 for a seasonal contract for full service snow removal and ice control for a mid-sized shopping center.

Snow removal contracts in New Jersey are typically quoted in one of four price structures: Per Push, Per Inch, Time & Materials (aka: T&M) and Seasonal. Some include variations of the four.

Some property managers prefer to pay per push: snow falls, the crew clears their grounds, they receive a bill.

Other clients like shopping centers want to know what the cost for snow services will be every month. So a seasonal contract is utilized more often, plus they aren’t thinking about invoices from a contractor every time the snow flies.

At the end of the day, the way you pay for the service is not the real issue. It’s about making sure you mitigate liability and provide a safe environment . You want surfaces to be clear of snow and ice on time and continuously during storms so that the people who live, work and play on the property stay safe.


This contract is for the property manager that wants to pay for snow removal services if and when the snow falls. If there’s no snow, these clients are not billed. But if the snow begins, our crews are on call once accumulation is 2 inches or more. Two inches of snow is generally when we push the “go” button, unless you’re on a robust full-service plan — see below.

At Fix Asphalt, we structure the per-push pricing based on snow depth. There’s a price “per push” for 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches and 6-8 inches of snow.

That’s because we know that our team will spend a lot more time clearing 6 inches of snow from a retail parking lot than 2 inches. The snow is heavier, and there’s more of it to maneuver around the property.

Response time is critical in this industry—we always aim to clear 2 inches rather than 8. We don’t want the snow to build up on your property. Big storms will require multiple pushes per property to ensure it stays clear and safe.

The clients who generally prefer a per-push contract are often retail property managers. They like the service delivered in an “itemized” way—a monthly tab of snow events and times of service to be itemized with CAM's.

And, these clients may benefit if we have a mild winter. However, because our seasonal agreements are three-year contracts, clients don’t “win” by choosing per-push or seasonal. The choice mostly comes down to budgeting. Do you want to pay a fixed price, or per push?


Time and Materials contracts are billed as they are described. You pay an hourly fee per pickup truck with a snow plow, per dump truck with a snow plow, per salt truck, per snow blower, per labor hour to clear sidewalks, per ton of salt etc etc etc.

The draw back to T & M contracts is there is not a way to budget accurately.

SEASONAL CONTRACT (2- To 3-Year Agreement)

Our seasonal contracts include a fixed price per month for snow services, and the contracts are active during the four winter months in New Jersey for three years. We find that a multi-year contract give clients the best value.

The constant price is what property managers and other commercial sites love about seasonal contracts. They don’t have to worry about snow removal costs spiking from December to March. The bill is always the same.

How We Differ From Other Snow Removal Companies:





We do not pursue "volume based - low bid" snow removal contracts. For properties that are high-risk and heavily traveled, there’s no room for error with snow and ice management. They need clear parking lots and walkways all winter, no matter the conditions. They require response before, during and after a storm.

This means utilizing the appropriate equipment and materials, and dispatching dedicated crews that are trained and experienced. For these clients, which often include C-Stores, Corporate Properties and Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities, we provide zero-tolerance snow and ice removal.

Our company uses a combination of Fleetmatics vehicle tracking, iPhone app we developed and digital cameras to document all snow removal and ice control activity.


We want these clients to see their pavement all year. That means pre-salting and using proactive ice control measures to maximize the effectiveness of snow removal. Whether the weather calls for snow, hail or below freezing temperatures where ice is a risk (and dangerous slip-and-fall accidents), these property owners know they’re covered with our VIP Service, which is a 2- to 3-year agreement. This is the most robust contract. We create a storm management plan that’s customized for the property, and we’re on call around the clock to ensure the safety of the site.

For a quote for commercial snow removal and ice control services for your New Jersey parking lot, please visit:

New Jersey Commercial Snow Removal Contractor


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