By Kristina Brahney | January 28, 2022

**Emergency Snow Removal For Residential and Commercial Properties Available Now**


Waiting for the snow to start is never the time to start looking for a snow removal contractor.  Contractors are known to raise the prices during a storm due to simple supply and demand.  

Typically speaking commercial snow removal cost depends on the type of snow removal contract you choose.

Costs can range from $175.00 per hour for a pickup truck with a snow plow to $225,000.00 for a seasonal contract for full-service snow removal and ice control for a mid-sized shopping center.

Snow removal contracts in New Jersey are typically quoted in one of four price structures:

  • Per Push,
  • Per Inch,
  • Time & Materials (aka: T&M)
  • Seasonal Contracts

Some property managers prefer to pay per push: snow falls, the crew clears their grounds, they receive a bill.

Other clients like shopping centers with large lots want to know what the cost for snow services will be every month. These property managers usually choose seasonal contract. They do this so they aren't aren’t thinking about invoices every time they have to plow a parking lot.

At the end of the day, the way you pay for the service is not the real issue. It’s about making sure you mitigate liability and provide a safe environment . You want the snow removed from the handicapped parking stalls and you'll want the contractor to pile snow away from the building. It is also important that your contractor keep all drains and catch basins free from debris to allow proper drainage. Especially when we experience significant amounts of snow.

You want surfaces to be clear of snow and ice on-time and continuously during storms. Your contractor should plow with the storm, not after it to insure the people who live, work and play on the property stay safe.

For More Information Visit: Snow Removal Plan

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