By Steven Brahney | January 9, 2018

If your asphalt parking lot is showing signs of standing water long after the last rain or snow event you most likely have an underground water issue.

Parking Lot Drainage Tile

Ground water comes to the surface through cracks in your parking lot is caused by hydrostatic pressure.  One of the most effective ways of alleviating this pressure and the seepage it causes is to install drain tile under your asphalt parking lot or concrete sidewalk. Indications that drainage tile is needed are usually some form of water seeping up through the asphalt, either through hairline cracks, potholes, or areas of the asphalt which are always saturated. 

Why Under Ground Water Issues Need To Be Addressed:

It is highly recommended ground water issues be remediated in asphalt parking lots for several reason:



LIABILITY: In both Snow Belt and Non-Snow Belt areas, ground water issues create a slip and fall liability.  In Snow Belt areas the surface water constantly freezes and creates a slip and fall liability from ice accumulation.  In addition, it creates unnecessary billing for salt application from your snow plow vendor.  In Non-Snow Belt areas the surface water begins to grow moss.  Moss is just as slippery as ice when it accumulates on the pavement.




DAMAGE TO ASPHALT: When asphalt is installed it is compacted to a target of 92-98% density to remove as many air voids as possible to prevent water infiltration.  When water seeps up through the asphalt from hydrostatic pressure, it penetrates throughout the asphalt and weakens it.  It is not uncommon to be able to take your shoe and dislodge aggregate from the water saturated asphalt.  LARGE AREAS OF TOTAL ASPHALT FAILURE CAN OCCUR!  As the water does not have anything redirecting it to a drainage source, it will continue to spread horizontally both above and below the asphalt.  As it travels horizontally under the asphalt in the sub grade; the sub grade will weaken and develop large areas of potholes and alligator cracks.


Alligator Cracked AsphaltIMPROPER ADHESION OF PAVEMENT SEALERS: When asphalt is constantly wet, both coal tar and asphalt emulsion pavement sealers will not adhere to the damp areas properly.  After the sealers are applied, they will quickly re-emulsify and track onto concrete, inside your store or into customer’s cars from foot traffic.  The pavement sealer will turn brown and gray in color in the cracks where the water is coming up from.






How Is Drainage Tile Installed:































In this video Steven Brahney takes you through a drainage tile installation project our team is constructing, and shows the actual anatomy of what lies beneath your asphalt parking lot.  To understand why drainage tile is needed you have to first understand the cause of the issue and the vital role the drainage tile / under drain / french drain plays in remediating it.


What Is The Cost To Install Drainage Tile / Under Drain / French Drain For Your New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland Parking Lot?

The costs vary from the size and complexity of the project.  On the low side you will probably pay a minimum mobilization of $2,500.00 for a run of less than 100 lineal feet and depending on the amount of asphalt patching required and if the asphalt patching can be completed as part of a paving project for the property.  For larger projects you should safely budget $15.00 - $25.00 per lineal foot. 


Parking Lot Inspections Help Identify Under Ground Water Issues:

Your best choice to identify the potential need for a parking lot under drain / french drain / drainage tile in your New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland parking lot is to request a thorough parking lot inspection.

Drainage Tile Example.jpgDuring the inspection a company representative will walk your site and identify the areas requiring drainage tile. A dagram will be marked up onsite wiht our special iPad scoping app.



A thorough Pavement Evaluation can be provided as well.  For an example: CLICK HERE


To be contacted for a parking lot evaluation please click the button below.  

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