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Delaware Fire Lane Striping

Posted by Steven Brahney on February 9, 2015


The State Of Delaware has their own unique Fire Lane striping requirements. As most line striping completed in New Jersey, Maryland & Pennsylvania only require Fire Lanes properly demarcated with either 12” – 36” high letters outlining the Fire Lanes, Delaware requires 8’ high letters spelling “Fire Lane.” For most of Delaware, Fire Lanes can be painted with a 4” wide stroke for each letter. However, the City Of Newark Delaware requires a special Fire Lane layout which consists of 8’ high letters that have a 12” stroke. Please see the pictures below for an example of the correct procedure for line striping a Delaware Fire Lane Striping project.




The area is marked out from either a blueprint or aerial photograph or it is relocated after seal coating where a shadow of the prior markings is visible.




A line striping machine then applies the paint to the asphalt / concrete within the perimeter of the chalk lines for a razor sharp finish.

To see a video of the line striping being completed, click the link below

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