By Kristina Brahney | January 29, 2021

Delaware Emergency Asphalt RepairLet's be honest... emergencies rarely happen at convenient times or they would not be called emergencies - they would be called "scheduled disasters."

No one likes surprises in their parking lots, however, emergencies seem to always happen at the most inconvenient time. If you find yourself in a situation where a Life Safety Issue (LSI) exists, rest assured, we will be there for your emergency pavement and concrete maintenance.


Our Asphalt and Concrete Emergency List includes:

• Emergency Sink Hole Repairs

• Emergency Pothole Repairs

• Emergency Catch Basin Repairs

• Asphalt and Concrete Tripping Hazards

• Frost Heave Repairs & Concrete Grinding

• Line Striping 

• Downed Traffic Signs

• Damaged Concrete Car Bumpers

• Sidewalk Damaged 

• Snow Plowing & Ice Control Emergencies 




Delaware Asphalt / Concrete Heaving 

Delaware Emergency Asphalt Repair

During the freeze thaw cycle and extreme cold fronts, water percolates under asphalt and concrete. The result is an asphalt apron or sidewalk that could raise as much as 2” overnight! We can remediate these issues in practically any situation, We will bring your asphalt and concrete surface back to a level grade and remove tripping hazards


Damaged Delaware Catch Basin Structures 

Delaware Emergency Storm Drain Repair

Snow pushers and skid steers are great for quick and efficient snow removal. When they are operated carelessly they can cause significant damage to catch basins.  We work with you to get you the most cost-effective fix, should you have more than one damaged catch basin or storm drain.

 As the water from parking lot runoff percolates into the catch basins it works its way into the joints of the blocks and behind them.  When the water freezes the mortar is forced out of the joints, which leads to catch basin collapse.  Catch basin collapse is one of the most common service call items we receive throughout the winter at a rate of about 2-4 per week.  Our first response is to arrive on site and immediately cover the exposed opening with plywood and barricades with caution tape.  Most catch basin repairs can be completed same / next day.


Delaware Emergency

Pot Hole Repairs 

Delaware Emergency Pothole Repair

During the freeze thaw cycle and extreme cold fronts, water seeps into cracks in the asphalt. The broken asphalt loosens and then is dislodged from either vehicle or snowplows. We can make immediate repairs with cold patch, and then return the following day(s) when the temperatures rise and make the permanent pavement repairs with hot-mix asphalt through traditional cut & patch repair or infrared asphalt restoration. 

*Each state we work in (NJ, PA, DE & MD) has 1-3 different asphalt plants which remain operational on any days where the temperature is above 35 degrees F.


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