By Kristina Brahney | February 26, 2019

Line Striping

Asphalt Line Striping Cost 

NJ Asphalt Line Striping Cost in Somerset County NJ

The cost to stripe a parking lot or shopping center depends on the number of parking lot lines, fire lanes, and stop bars on the property.

There is also a difference in price based on whether the existing lines, parking stalls and pavement markings are being re-striped or if it is brand new layout after a parking lot has been paved or sealcoated.

Most professional parking lot striping companies have a minimum charge, with the overall cost ranging between $350.00-$500.00. The reason for the minimum mobilization is to cover fuel, labor, paint, equipment costs and overhead.

The line painting in your parking lot, and area between your parking spaces is the first things customers notice. Especially in the era of SUV's. A clean and striped parking lot truly makes a first impression.

We offer a full-service line striping & traffic sign crew to handle any size project you may require to be completed. We provide the following services:

  • Line Striping- We install Latex Traffic Paint, Acetone Based Traffic Paint, Thermoplastic (Hot & Cold Applications)
  • Handicap Striping & A.D.A. Upgrades
  • Traffic Signs Installation- We install standard and custom traffic signs
  • Concrete Car Stop Installation
  • Fire Lane striping and local code compliance
  • Yellow Curbing
  • Specialized Corporate Logos and Branding


Line Stripe (And Other Parking Lot) Prices

Parking Stall (Single Line) $4-$5
Parking Stall (Double Line With Hairpin Half Circle or cap) $6.50-$8
Handicap Stall (Symbol With Blue Box) $25-$35
Arrow $10-$20
4” Line Per Lineal Foot (White, Blue and Yellow for handicap cross hatching, fire lane line, no parking zones, loading zones, bull noses etc.) $0.20-$0.40
Stop Bar $20-$30
Yellow / Red Curb Per Lineal Foot (Top & Side) $0.75-$1
Stencliling- Per Letter- 24” High (No Parking, Fire Zone, Loading Zone, Stop) $2-$4
Numbers & Parking Stall Stenciling- 12” (Digits, Reserved, Resident, Doctor) $1.75-$3.50
Crosswalks (White & Handicap Blue) $35-$75

When line striping projects are for larger properties, the costs below are average for the Mid-Atlantic Market for re-stripes. For new layout, the costs below increase by 20-50% to cover additional labor and the second coat of paint.


Do You Manage Multiple Commercial Properties in Multiple States?

We can custom tailor a striping program for your specific needs from 10 – 750 sites.

If you choose, we can arrange to have all the stencils match at all of your locations along with adding any type of custom logos or special “font” lettering if you choose.

We are available to work 24 hrs a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (Weather / Conditions Permitting). We also offer Unit Price Contracts, Lump Sum Contracts & Per Store Contracts.

For a Free Evaluation or Quote for Line Striping on your parking lot, fill out the form below.

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