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LOCATION: South Jersey

Date: June 2016



LOCATION: South Jersey

Date: June 2016

Initial Consultation:

We received an estimate request from a commercial property owner who owned and managed an office building in South Jersey. They were seeking an estimate for milling and paving in their parking lot. A date was set to meet on-site and review the project. However, upon arriving at the location, it quickly became apparent that the asphalt in the parking lot was still in fair condition, with 8 to 10 years of service life left. It was clear that the asphalt did not require milling and paving, despite the claims made by two other paving contractors who had attempted to convince the property owner otherwise. As expert contractors in the field, we pride ourselves on providing honest and accurate assessments. We were able to reassure the property owner that their parking lot did not need any extensive work done, saving them both time and money. Our commitment to integrity and delivering high-quality services sets us apart from the competition.

Site Evaluation:

After determining that the parking lot in South Jersey was still in good condition, with several years of service life remaining, our expert pavement consultant identified the specific maintenance needs to ensure its longevity. It was determined that minor saw cutting removal patching was required for some areas with small holes, along with the rebuilding of one catch basin. Additionally, hot rubberized crack sealing was recommended for the existing cracks, followed by pavement sealcoating for the rest of the asphalt. Our commitment to integrity and providing accurate assessments allowed us to save the commercial property owner both time and money, as we assured them that extensive milling and paving was unnecessary. With our expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality services, we stand out from the competition in providing the best solutions for asphalt maintenance and repair.

The Results:

The end result of our expert evaluation and preventive maintenance plan was the successful provision of services to the office building parking lot in South Jersey. By avoiding unnecessary milling and paving, we were able to minimize any impact on the tenants' business, as the work was completed over the weekend when the office was closed. Our experienced team applied a heavy-duty application of pavement sealer, consisting of two coats of Gem seal pavement sealer, and also restriped all the pavement markings. The client was delighted to discover that our thorough evaluation and small corrective repairs to the asphalt saved them over $125,000. Our commitment to integrity and delivering high-quality services sets us apart from the competition, making us the trusted choice for asphalt maintenance and repair in South Jersey.


Please enjoy a one-minute video illustrating our project from start to finish. In this video, you will witness our commitment to integrity and delivering high-quality services in action. 



Expert Workmanship

Our work teams are trained to perform at the highest level required which is demanded by our National Accounts we service. 



We Strive To Educate Our Customers And Protect Them From The Bad Apples In The Bunch

Many fly-by-night contractors practice bait & switch pricing along with high-pressure sales tactics such as the "we have leftover materials from a job down the road" and "deal is only good today" scams.  

Top 10

The 3 Top Scams To Watch Out For In The Sealcoating Business

Deposit Scams

Requesting an upfront deposit as a condition to schedule your project is a "cash flow" scam for contractors who are not properly capitalized. They will use your funds to finance the last 3 projects they already spent the deposits from and now do not have the funds available to purchase the materials to finish the job and get paid in full.  DO NOT EVER GIVE A CONTRACTOR AN UPFRONT DEPOSIT.  If the contractor insists on obtaining money upfront, do not agree to make any payments until the work has started and post date the check for the following day.  If they fail to return the next day you can simply stop payment on the check.

Left Over Materials Scam

Its the oldest trick in the book!  No competent paving contractor has anything more than 1-2 wheelbarrow loads of hot mix asphalt leftover when completing an asphalt paving project. 

Pavement sealer DOES NOT "go bad" nor does it need to be applied the same day it is mixed.  It can remain in a contractor's storage tank for 3 - 5 months.   

Improper Application Equipment


Contractors attempting to apply pavement sealers out of any type of "square" holding tank are unable to properly mix and apply pavement sealers to meet the manufacturer's specifications.  

In short- "The job will not last any longer than 3 months" when pavement sealer is designed to last 3-5 years.

Due to the fact this type of equipment is not able to properly mix pavement sealer, it cannot apply sealer mixed with silica sand and latex modifiers which are both required for a long-lasting application.


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