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As a property or facility manager you know how important a well-maintained asphalt parking lot is. Your parking lot is the first thing a customer or tenant sees upon arrival. Therefore, it should always be kept in an optimal condition. Positive curb appeal is the beginning of a positive experience. Parking lots covered in potholes, deep and wide cracks, alligator cracking, failed storm drains, or are in need of multiple asphalt repairs are an eye sore and can immediately leave a bad taste in the mouth of a prospective client.
Choosing a Commercial Parking Lot Paving Contractor
Not all asphalt paving companies are created the same. When it comes to commercial parking lot paving in NJ choosing the right contractor for your asphalt paving projects can be very stressful. This is why property and facility managers should ask the following questions before signing a contract for any paving services.
How Long Has This Company Been Performing Asphalt Paving?
The longer a commercial asphalt paving contractor has been in business, the more references they will have. The years of paving experience is important because, as we all know, a paving job can be disrupted at any time due to base or other issues. A paving contractor who has been in business has seen it all. No 2 (two) paving jobs are the same. Therefore, it is important to have a paving contractor on board who can think on their feet, all while keep the business owners best interest at heart. has over 25 years experience in asphalt paving and sealcoating throughout New Jersey. Originally based in Monmouth County, NJ, we have expanded our offices across 7 counties to provide top of the line asphalt paving and pavement maintenance services.
Does This Asphalt Company Provide More Than Just Paving Services?
There is more to just asphalt paving when it comes to choosing the right contractor. Choosing a contractor who can help you in all aspects of parking lot maintenance is extremely important. Your asphalt parking lot doesn't just need new asphalt. It's important you choose a contractor who can perform asphalt sealcoating, pothole repairs, infrared repairs, catch basin repairs, sidewalk repairs, line striping and more. A contractor who is skilled in asphalt and concrete repairs can help you save money in the long run. started out as a residential seal coating company. Throughout our 25 year history we evolved into one of the top commercial asphalt paving companies in NJ. We did this by providing full and comprehensive pavement maintenance plans. However, we never forgot where we came from. And while we no longer offer residential sealcoating, we do offer commercial asphalt and concrete repairs all year long.
How Efficiently Does This Asphalt Company Communicate?
Everyone says communication is key. In a technology based world, no contractors should be writing out bids and faxing them over. Keeping a customer up to date should be paramount during the asphalt paving process. In the past, contractors would write down their quotes on cocktail napkins, but that type of negative workmanship works anymore. is a technology based company. All of our employees are equipped with iPhones and iPads so they can communicate with property and facility managers directly from the field via email or text. Most quotes have a 24-38 hour turn around time. You will receive a detailed site analysis along with photos so you can see what exactly is being proposed for your parking lot. Our vehicles are equipped with real-time tracking so you know when our trucks are enroute to your project. From start to finish, you are kept in the loop.
Does This Asphalt Company Have The Right Insurance?
Making sure the commercial parking lot paving contractor in NJ you choose has the right amount of insurance is extremely important. The last thing any property or facility manager would want is an under-insured paving contractor on their commercial property. It is highly recommended you should request a W9, Workers Compensation and General Liability certificate before any contract is signed. sends over a copy of the above certificates with all site evaluations. This way you know, right from the start, that we are more than covered
Does This Asphalt Company Specialize In Commercial Parking Lots?
The last thing a property or facility manager wants to do is hire a residential paving contractor for their commercial parking lot. A residential paving contractor can say they do commercial parking lot paving, but the truth is, most can not. There is more to consider than just putting asphalt down. A commercial paving contractor understands your parking lots can not be closed, so they know how to reroute traffic. A commercial paving contractor understand how important it is to work with your tenants to cause minimal disruption to your customers. A residential paving contractor will not know how to deal with external issues. specializes in commercial asphalt paving and commercial parking lot maintenance. We work very closely and professionally with property and facility managers to ensure the more seamless paving process in NJ.
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