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Our firm is comprised of experts to help you properly diagnose issues with your parking lot along with making reccomendations which meet your budget while ensuring your receive an engineered scope of work for maximum service life.  From inital engineering services of coring to determine the extent of the damage to paining the last parking stall after paving, we are your one-stop-shop for all your commecial asphalt and concrete needs.

What 877-FIX-ASPHALT offers that our competitors dont: 

  • We listen to your expectations and then design an engineered scope of work to meet your specific budget- not a "one size fits all" approach
  • Our company is strictly a commercial paving contractor, not a driveway company.  Our crews are trained how to get in / out of your projects will minimizing impact on your tenants business.  We also offer our paving services after 5 PM and on weekends to fit your schedule. 
  • If you currently have a quote from a paving contractor- call us today and in less than 15 minutes we will be able to show you what is missing from their quote which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more!

For an immidiate quote please fill out our form on this page.  To speak to a parking lot consultant immidiately to obtain a budgetary quote- please dial: 1-877-349-2774.

We provide commercial paving quotes with-in 48 hours in the following radius from offices in NJ, DE & PA.


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